Many years experience and over 120 employed, high qualited staff guarantee reliability of our appliances. We have obtained Quality Managament System in accordance with ISO 9001 Standard. Moreover, we can prove high quality of your products on the base of many certyficates, for example  by Germanisher Lloyd, Rexroth-Sigma, Building Mechanization and Rock Mining Institute in Warsaw Polish Register of Shipping.

In addition, in 1994 we have become a prizewinner of a very prestige in Poland Competition "Now Poland" for the best Polish products of world quality level. Therefore our PZ3 gear pump are awarded with promotional emblem "Now Poland". Besides, in 1995 PZ3 pumps were rewarded with Vice-Mister of Export prize and Golden Medal of International Trade Fair in Poznań. We also won the first prize and title Master of Hydropneumatica '95 in Gdynia and the second prize during International Trade Fair "Hydropneumatica '96" in Gdynia. In 1998 we won the second prize in Grand Prix Competition during "Drive and Control" International Trade Fair in Gdańsk. The PZ4 Pumps were awarded "GRAND PRIX under the name of Robert Szewalski during Drive&Control and Gold Medal during International Fair in Poznan in 2001.

The certyfikate nr 79838, ISO 9001 norm Grand Prix for PZ4 hydraulic gear pumps series Golden Medal of Poznań International Fair