PZ4 technical drawing:

Group 1 (geometric displacement: 1 ÷ 6,3 ccm/rot, pressure up to 280 bar)  
Group 2 (geometric displacement: 4 ÷ 25 ccm/rot, pressure up to 280 bar)    
Group 3 (geometric displacement: 16 ÷ 70 ccm/rot, pressure up to 280 bar)


PZ4 are high pressure gear pumps with hydraulic compensation of axial clearance and bimetallic bush bearings with teflon lining. PZ4 pumps are used in many hydraulic system as flow-pressure generators. They are designed to work with good lubricating oil, however other liquid can be used at reduced speed and operating pressure. It is a new generation of pumps in relation to PZ3 produced by WPH.


1PZ4; 2PZ4 and 3PZ4 gear pump technical data

1. Inlet pressure:  
- minimal
- maximum
- min. at starting
2. Starting condicions in minus temperatures  
- outlet pressure
- rotation speed
up to 1 MPa
up to 1500 rot/min
3. Working liquid: oleje hydrauliczne na bazie olejów mineralnych, zalecane oleje hydrauliczne klasy HL lub HLP spełniające warunki:  
- kinematic viscosity range
- for starting kinematic viscosity
- temperature range
37 up to 115 mm2/s
1000 to 2000 mm2/s
20o up to +80oC
4. Nominal filtration of working liquid  
- for working pressure ≤ 16MPa
- for working pressure > 16MPa
0,020 mm
0,010 mm
5. range temperature of surroundings -40o up to +70oC
6. Direction of  (looking at drive shaft side) clockwise or counter clockwise
7. Loading of pump shaft and pin:
Not permisible power loading: ray and axial force
Transfer a drive by coupling only tourque


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